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Cold Facial Steamer

Voltage: 240VAC 50/60Hz
Power: 25W
Circuit board control, 5 seconds out of the steam
LED power indicator
Electroplating circle adornment, beautiful appearance
1 key operation, convenient and simple
Water Volume:200ML



1.With the growth of age, woman's skin began rapidly become old, dull, dry, freckle, relaxants, wrinkle on your face.if you want to have beautiful skin, it is important to take good care of your skin. This product can eliminate the ages cutin, which will help the skin excrete and improve dry skin condition, promote part of the blood circulation, and regulate skin pH,ion fog has sterilization and anti-inflammatory effect.Our product applied to oil, neutral,dry,mixed ,and hypersensitive skin etc.Your skin are aglow with health and maintain youth.


2. The device can make your skin more tender, more young, more healthy. It also can eliminate the ages cutin, which will help the trash excrete frome the skin and supplement water, promote part of the blood circulation, regulate skin pH.Ion fog has sterilization and anti-inflammatory effect.High-tech negative ion applicable to oil, neutral, dry,mixed ,and hypersensitive skin etc.


3. Beauty, rejuvenation, moisture


4. Activation water loving factor and Replenish skin with moisture content


5. Activate hydrophile gene ,desalt wrinkle give you smooth and tender skin


6. Soften cuticle, enhance skin absorption capacity of the skin,make the skin absorb adequate nutrition


7. Get rid of metal deposition, desalt freckle and let your face fair and clear

8. Kill skin bacteria, prevent acne, renew skin


9. Steam wait time: about 30 seconds


10. Steam output:about 6 ml / min


11. Steam temperature (steam from the export about 25 cm) about 40 degrees Celsius

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